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Cat Work Boots are built for the elements and the everyday pounding that comes with the territory in the construction business. For that reason we couldn’t wait to get a few pairs on the guys from Honor Construction for our next Wear Test. When we heard Honor’s story, we were even more excited.
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Brad Laackman founded Honor Construction ten years ago after serving eight years overseas in the Navy. He knew from the very beginning that employing veterans and working with veteran owned businesses would be one of the core values of the company. Over the last ten years, Honor has stayed true to that mission and has gained renown as one of the most reliable mid-sized construction companies in Michigan. They’ve built breweries, offices, restaurants, and factories – so they were the perfect recipients for some Cat Work Boots.


Owner Brad Laackman at Honor Construction’s newly build office

Given the obvious safety needs on their job sites, we knew they needed toe protection and the toughness their work demands. We also knew, though, that they had plenty of client meeting where their work boots needed to be “office ready”. With that in mind we sent them:



Device WP CT – A classic work boot that uses our Nano Toe technology to give maximum protection in a light weight, waterproof boot.

CAT_WORK_SOCIAL_HONOR_CONSTRUCTION_018Precision CT WP – A real looker of a boot that you’d never guess has composite toe protection as well as waterproof leathers.



Big thanks to Honor Construction for giving our boots a try (word on the street is they love them!), and we truly can’t thank them enough for their service to our country and for their commitment to their fellow veterans.

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