Celebrating charity:water’s Founder Scott Harrison- an authentic Earthmover

At the beginning of the year, Cat Footwear, in partnership with the Caterpillar Foundation, launched a campaign with charity: water … Read More

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Behind-the-Scenes of the Father’s Day Gift Guide with Earthmover Jesse Green

Earthmover Jesse Green has been an inspiration to everyone at Cat Footwear, and we hope you can find the same … Read More


Earthmover AB’s Billboard Music Awards Playlist

Earthmover AB has been creating playlists for us at Cat Footwear for a while now, and while we are always … Read More

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Earth Day: Celebrating clean air, land and water

At Cat Footwear, we know the importance of keeping our earth healthy and alive. Caterpillar is a brand with revolutionary … Read More

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Getting to Know Earthmover Adrian Butler

We’ve talked about Earthmover AB before. He’s been a friend of Cat Footwear, creating playlists and styling the heck out of … Read More


Caroline Lee: Out of Line Podcast

Last year we introduced Earthmover Caroline Lee, a traveler, photographer, entrepreneur, innovator, and philanthropist, with so many side hustles we’ve … Read More


Earthmover AB’s Not a Holiday Playlist

We agree that it’s the most wonderful time of the year but this is a safe space, you can admit … Read More

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Wear Test: Honor Construction

Cat Work Boots are built for the elements and the everyday pounding that comes with the territory in the construction … Read More


How to Break In Steel Toe Boots

There’s nothing like a “fresh out the box”, new pair of boots, but we all know that it takes a … Read More


Earthmover: Caroline Lee

Some are made for exploration – for wringing every last drop of wonder from the world. Some like Earthmover Caroline … Read More


Earthmover: Jesse David Green

Detroit, MI Website / Instagram / Instagram Photographer, entrepreneur, innovator…Airbnb magnate? Jesse David Green is an Earthmover with the intrinsic … Read More


Earthmover: Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish

Grand Rapids, MI Website / Instagram / Facebook / Bandcamp How do you go from a sandwich delivery guy to … Read More


Happy Father’s Day to Earthmoving Dads

Single dads, nerdy dads, grandads, they’re all bold in their own way and we love them for it. They work … Read More


Meet Our New Earthmover: Jax

For more than five generations Caterpillar has been empowering the world to shape its future but it’s really the spirit … Read More