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Women in Construction Week is a moment in time when we can highlight and celebrate the  contributions of Women that work in the construction space.

This year to celebrate Women in Construction Week,  we had the opportunity to speak with Missy Scherber (@Missyscherber) and Sara Bendrick (@SaraBendrick) two groundbreakers in the construction industry to learn more about their experiences and why they decided to pursue a career in the trades.

You can read what they had to say below!

What inspired you to pursue a career in construction, and what motivates you to continue in this field? 
What inspired me to pursue a career in construction is I saw the opportunities for career advancement and how quickly the progression into leadership could be for high performers. What motivates me to continue is definitely our people – the operators, drivers, and laborers that build the world around us in the daily work they do .

Can you share some challenges you’ve faced as a woman in the construction industry, and how you overcame them?
Every industry regardless of gender has its challenges but I’ve always been able to navigate them with the support of my peers, mentors and Allie’s. My passion to put people first and to invest in good Relationships with men and women who are leaders in the construction industry have always been my guide.
How do you think the construction industry can attract and retain more women, and what steps have you personally taken to encourage diversity and inclusion? 
There are a few different ways our industry can attract and retain more women. One is more inclusive marketing that is genuine and showcases the women doing the work. They are our greatest stories and that story is our greatest recruiting tool. As business leaders and management it’s so important to have open communication on what women need to make the opportunities in construction work, and take the time to hear what they need to manage their additional responsibilities and commitments.

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