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Dalton Detroit, MI

Kyle Dalton is a life-long Detroiter and a skilled BMX rider, and has captured the essence of what it means to be an Earthmover—perseverance and dedication to a craft that you’re truly passionate about.

Kyle became obsessed with biking and riding BMX at about age 13, jumping off anything he could find. Somewhere along the way, he was interested in mountain and road bikes as well. After that, the only possible career path he could think of was owning his own bike shop. However, when he began to work in bike shops to gain experience, he realized that it might not be exactly the right fit for him. Yet, he still wanting to be involved in the industry, and was happy when he discovered the opportunity at Detroit Bikes.

Kyle preps bike frames on the line at Detroit Bikes, a grassroots startup that is bringing back the city’s assembly line to produce custom bicycles. It’s not mass production, though the company can produce a bike every 8 minutes if need be. Kyle is a cog in a well-oiled machine, one that’s powered by collaboration and community. Each person on the line is an expert in what they do, and together they build truly gorgeous


“As cliché as it sounds, every time I go to prep a frame I try to make it the best frame I’ve ever done,” Kyle says.


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It’s in that earthmoving spirit, that Detroit Bikes is working together to become better, faster, stronger. It’s part of Detroit’s history, and the company is bringing it back in a bold, new way.

“Being bold is putting everything you have into what you’re doing, literally everything you’ve got. All your energy, all your focus. Every time I come to work, I’m trying to put all I have into what I’m doing,” Kyle says.

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