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Birds chirping, temperatures rising – spring has sprung, guys.

Of course, if you’re anything like us that means that you’ve got a whole list of outside projects that have been waiting for warmer weather.  With that in mind we visited our pal Matt Vanderlist of “Matt’s Basement Workshop” podcast to get some basic advice…and to make sure his work shoe game was up to par.

Matt’s Basement Workshop is the o.g. of wood working podcasts (starting back in 2006!). We love his show because not only is it filled with great info, it’s damn funny and well worth checking out.

We call this one, "Dude in his element."

We call this one, “Dude in his element.”

Anyway, we stopped by his workshop to ask him a few basic questions to help us get ready for DIY season:

Cat Footwear: Okay, easy one first. What’s the most important piece of advice you could give someone before they start a big project?

Matt: Stop.
CF: Haha
Matt: No, stop. Plan. Make a materials list. Of course, you say,  I’ll have all the materials, but it’s amazing how often you think you have everything and then you’re right in the middle of a project and you realize you don’t have a key component. I always check and re-check my materials list because every time I’ve ever tried to wing it, I’ve ended up in trouble. In fact, I’ve actually instituted something of a 10% rule for myself. I make sure I have 10% more material than I need and I inevitably end up needing it.”
CF: Okay that’s good advice. Now a much tougher question. We notice you sometimes do projects with your wife…how do you make that work? Seriously, though, what’s that process like?
Matt: In a word: dangerous. (Laughs) I’m kidding, it can be really fun but it’s one where you  really need to flex your communication skills. It’s funny because you both have same end goal but you inevitably you have two very different ways of getting there. Getting that compromise without killing each other that’s kind of the fun part of the whole thing.

CF: You guys working on anything now?
Matt: A new bed frame. A platform bed actually. We just settled on the design which is kind of a Danish/modern kind of design.  It’ll probably change slightly but we’ve got a pretty good idea.  I’m going to be building with walnut which I’m excited about because it’ll be the biggest piece I’ve ever done in walnut. My wife showed me a picture and said this is what I want. I said lets do it in walnut. She said let’s do it in brown. Anyway, I’ve made a couple tweaks to the design…but it’ll probably change to look exactly like what she wants.
CF: Sounds about right. So we brought you some new kicks… a pair of Argon Composite Toe Work Shoes. Why’d you pick that pair out?
Matt: Why? When I’m working on projects typically I’m all over the place. So having a comfortable shoe that protects my feet from whatever gets dropped on them, and a slip resistant sole to keep me upright on all sorts of surfaces is very important to me.
CF: Good choice. Well thanks for having us, Matt, and good luck this DIY Season to you and to all your listeners.

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