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When it comes to renovating things around the house, the last thing on your list is the outdoor projects that require a lot more effort than just a leaky faucet or hanging some photos in the hallway.

With the spring weather finally arriving, we can appreciate the warm air that doesn’t hurt our face and venture outside to the backyard that’s been neglected all winter season. Not that we can’t appreciate a the hard work of a complicated project, sweat and multiple trips to the hardware store, but sometimes all you want is a beer-drinking task that can carry you into the dog days of summer.

Here’s a round up of our favorite DIY projects that will only take the weekend:

1.Cinder Block Bar Planter: This is the perfect amount of concrete and greenery to stand out at your next barbecue. Using some cinder blocks, a wood top panel and planters to finish it off, this weekend project turns into an outdoor bar. And who doesn’t like that?
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2. Lawn Tool Pallet Holder: Be honest- are all of your yard-working tools laying in a heap in some corner of your garage? Since it’s time to actually use them, try creating an organizer that let’s you easily store your tools. And it doesn’t look half bad letting them sit out either.
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3. DIY Outdoor Fireplace- Summer nights wouldn’t be quite right without the option to have an open fire and good company. Throw your best backyard party yet with this outdoor fireplace built from landscaping stones. Add in smores, beers, and sit back and relax- you’ve earned it.
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