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Heading to Sundance? We’re here to help bring the bold to Park City on January 18th with some of our favorite styles of the season.


CatFootwear_Chronicle_P721961_02 copy

Trips up and down Main Street? The Chronicle’s got you covered. With choice leathers and a laid back look, it’s perfect for daytime events around the town.

CatFootwear_Haverhill_P721934_02 copy

The Haverhill is all about confidence and ease. Perfect for evening red carpet premieres because even if you don’t care who’s watching you know that all eyes will be on you.


CatFootwear_HubFurHiker_P309739_01 copy

Hello comfort and warmth. The Hub Hiker Fur is perfect for running around the chilly city in January and it’s funky fold down collar is sure to make any outfit stand out.

CatFootwear_Willa_P309854_01 copy

Nothing’s stopping you from adding even just a little bit of height. Enter the Willa. This leather and tweed style is perfect for when you need something a little elevated and casual chic.


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