Build for Better

We were inspired by the co-founders of the IG Builder’s Challenge and what they’ve built to support the online DIY community. To celebrate them and their current challenge where builders across the country are competing to build a desk, we wanted to build desks for a cause, and that’s how “Build for Better" was born. We sponsored a Chicago event In October 2018, where we brought together an amazing group of individuals, organizations and local volunteers who worked to accomplish a goal, help those in need, and celebrate the spirit of DIY.

On June 15, 2019, our second Build for Better event will take place. We are excited to continue championing progress and will create ongoing opportunities for the greater community to participate in building a better future for our world.

Our 2019 Build for Better Shoes

If you purchase either the Ellie or the Fairbanks Cat® Footwear will donate $5 to Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

Build for Better

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Helping children in need have a good night’s sleep.

All children deserve a safe, comfortable place to lay their heads. In Idaho, where founder Luke Mickelson of non-profit Sleep in Heavenly Peace is from, and across the U.S., too many boys and girls go without a bed - or even a pillow - to sleep on. These children end up sleeping on couches, blankets, and even floors. This can affect their happiness and their health. That's where Sleep in Heavenly Peace comes in. They are a group of volunteers dedicated to building, assembling and delivering top-notch bunk beds to children and families in need. Their organization has grown steadily over time, and they’re working on opening more chapters in different states to serve more people.

In February, 2019, the Cat® Footwear team came together to build 40 beds in conjunction with Sleep in Heavenly Peace.