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Loving the workwear trend but not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up our top tips to take your style to the streets.

Workwear style isn’t new and while there’s been plenty of workwear trend resurgences in the past years, every era seems to adapt to stay relevant for the world we live in. In uncertain times (ahem, a global pandemic) people tend to return to time-tested, trustworthy and durable styles, so it’s no surprise to see a rise in workwear as fashion once again.

Workwear is built to last. With apparel, footwear and items traditionally used to withstand physical labor and a specific purpose, there’s something comforting and grounding about bringing these styles into your every day life. With inspiration taken from construction sites, farmers, roofers and more, workwear fashion incorporates utility style with items like chore shirts, button-ups, canvas, heavy duty pants and (of course) work boots.

Not sure where to start with workwear style? As a brand with years of experience designing for real-life workers, we’ve rounded up some tips to make this style your own.

How to wear the workwear style:

  1. Loosen Up

    With workwear originally made to allow for movement, the key to nailing the workwear look usually involves some oversize item, whether that be a boxy demin jacket or some looser wide or straight leg pants. Just be sure to not go too baggy. The current trend for workwear involves incorporating more tailored or fitted pieces to give yourself a clean look.

  2. Don’t be afraid of color

    While neutrals like beige, brown and black are easy to find in workwear pieces and easy to match with other items in your closet, don’t be afraid to add in a pop of color to bring your outfit into a more street style realm.

  3. Mix and Match

    Start slow by incorporating one piece of workwear into your wardrobe. There’s no need to go all out and wear overalls, a beanie and flannel at the same time! If you’re feeling unsure, try out items that are easier to incorporate into your existing style like selvedge jeans with a shirt jacket and workwear boots, or a chore jacket with chunky sneakers.

Must Have Items For Workwear Style

Not sure where to jump in? Simplicity is best when it comes to the clean, minimalist workwear fashion currently in style, so we’ve chosen a few items to get you started.

Jacket & Hoodie

Jackets are without a doubt one of the easier entries into workwear style. Typically a boxier style and made with demin, canvas or heavy twill, chore coats are a good option and usually feature oversized pockets, exposed buttons and extended collars.

Stick to a classic color like a navy blue to wear with almost any tee or pant. Pair it over a workwear hoodie (like our classic Cat Trademark Hoodie) for a comfortable utility look.

Work Pants

Built to last, work pants are often sturdy and durable, built with reinforced knees and made from materials like canvas, twill, or denim. To get a street style look, work pants are a versatile option you can incorporate with items already in your closet like sweaters, coats and  jackets.

Workwear Boots

And of course, we can’t help but mention a solid pair of work boots. Cat Footwear boots range in a variety of heights and colors. Our soft toe boots make for a great street style look and steel toe styles are also available for some heavy-duty protection. Classic colors like browns and blacks make for easy wearing, but you can also try some pops of color in your footwear with the Women’s Echo in Marlin or our Excavator Superlite in Blue Heaven. Try our Men’s Tradesman boot which comes with a wedge outsole for a more modern take on the work boot. For Women, the Women’s Echo in Black combines the best of a combat boot and work boot for a truly authentic look.

What’s your favorite workwear style? Let us know!

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