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For Earthmovers, work isn’t a dirty word. We don’t see an obligation and a paycheck – we see opportunity (and a paycheck). A place to take risks, to think big and to build. Cat Footwear designs your work boots and shoes with those goals in mind, and now we have created a group to do the same. Come join the @catworkboots community.

Why To Follow

“Follow this and like that,” we hear it all the time too. We’re building the Cat Work Boots channels, though, to actually speak to the stuff our Earthmovers want to know. You can expect:

-Up close looks (and sneak previews) at Cat’s newest and most popular boots, shoes, and clothing. It’s the next best thing to trying on a pair.

-Deep dives into the technology and features that separate Cat Work Boots from the pack. See and hear about the ways we’re doing our job to make your jobs’ safer and more comfortable.

-Stories about your fellow Earthmovers and how they’re using their work days to boldly transform our world.

-Stay up to date on the latest events, promotions, and contests. We’re always looking for new ways to connect with the Cat Footwear community, @catworkboots on Facebook and Twitter will be the perfect place to hear how you can get involved.

-And then, of course, exclusive offers and sales to keep you geared up with the latest shoes and boots.

Where To Follow

Like us on Facebook to be connected to the hub of Cat Work Boots social channels. This will keep you up to date with all the latest news, products, events, and promotions.

Visit the Cat Work Boot Channel on YouTube to see videos about new products and technologies, for how to videos and boot care tips, and for short looks at fellow Earthmovers.

Follow us Twitter @catworkboots for all the latest news on products, events, promotions, and offers.

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