Our Global Consumer Marketing Manager, Jamie Kirby, is what we’d describe as an Austin superfan. Over the past four years she’s spent a few months of her time in Austin and she’s pulled together her list of Austin favorites – all of things you just can’t miss when you visit (for SXSW or otherwise!). The hardest part about compiling this list was narrowing it down! 

Heyday favorites:

Coffee – Cenote

Cenote_Photo by Eater

Cenote is an ever-bustling spot for coffee, breakfast, juice, or beer.  Great spot to check your email inside or out on their beautiful patio

Tacos – Vera Cruz

vera cruz tacos

There’s a lot of debate about the best tacos in Austin.  I’ve tried them all (or tried to anyway) and Vera Cruz is by far the favorite.

Pizza – Via 313


Detroit style pizza in Austin?  Yes, please.  A pizza trailer filled with a whole lot of Midwestern hospitality and delicious ‘za.

Drinks – Weather Up


I always stay within walking distance of Weather Up whenever I go to Austin.  The patio is absolute magic at night and they shake up some of the city’s best cocktails.  Try the homemade fireball – thank me later.

Hotel – Hotel San Jose 

If you don’t know the way to San Jose – you should.  This boutique hotel run by Bunkhouse is my absolute favorite hotel anywhere on the planet.  Chances are you’re not going to find a room available, but do yourself a favor and sit on the patio and sip a Michelada.  I’ve had some of my best ideas and best afternoons posted up on this patio.

Drinks – Kitty Cohens

You guys, this bar has a pool.  If that’s not enough, they serve drinks in a punch bowl.  Tiki vibes run wild here and it’s something you simply cannot miss.

BBQ – La Barbecue


This is a controversial topic in Austin.  People feel pretty strongly about their BBQ preferences.  My favorite meat comes from the La Barbecue truck.  There’s always a line but don’t worry… they offer free beer while you wait.  Brilliant!

Food – Elizabeth Street Cafe


Sunny, cheerful, and delicious Elizabeth Street Cafe fuses a French bakery and Vietnamese cuisine perfectly.

Brunch – Launderette


Tucked away in an East Austin neighborhood, this former laundromat has the best brunch around.

Drinks – Cheer Up Charlies 

There isn’t a bar that is more friendly, welcoming, open and fun.  All drinks feature fresh squeezed juices (this means they’re  good for us, right?). This LGBTQ bar offers a cool space with outdoor and indoor stages.

Shopping – Stag Provisions 


Admittedly I don’t do much shopping in Austin (too many tacos and cocktails TBH) but Stag is an awesome menswear shop worth the visit… in between tacos of course.

Swimming – Barton Springs Pool 

barton springs pool

Assuming it’s warm out, head to Barton Springs Pool to cool down with all (literally all) the locals.

Brewery – Live Oak Brewing Co

On your way back to the airport have Ride Austin drop you at Live Oak Brewing Co for one last brew.

Dancing – White Horse 

If you’ve ever wanted to 2-step you bes’ head over to White Horse, Austin’s coolest honky tonk.  Live music always.  Great dancing always.  

Of course there are some places I haven’t been yet but they’re on my radar  to go to ASAP!

Food – Cafe No Se 

Brunch, lunch, dinner… the reviews are all heart-eyes and thumbs up for this popular new establishment.  Get your cameras ready – this place is too instagrammable.

Drinks – MOLOKO

My favorite bartender of all time moved to this rock ‘n roll dive bar and I would follow him anywhere.  You should too.

Food – Ah Sing Den 

Sake bar with Asian-inspired fare.  See you there?

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