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If you work in a typical office setting, you may find come spring time that you spend more time staring outside than you do staring at your computer. If you live in a state with weather similar to our Cat Footwear headquarter’s (Michigan), you may find this especially true when the snow, ice, sleet and everything in between finally disappears to reveal green grass.

While office jobs are something we all appreciate and a lot of us have, we can’t help wondering with warmer temperatures what it would be like to have a job outside the office walls on sunny days.

Here at Cat Footwear, we definitely know a thing or two about outdoor jobs. Whether you’re just wasting time at your own office job, or are here because you’re considering a career change, here’s a round up of (in our opinion, and in no particular order) our top 5 picks for interesting jobs in the outdoors.

1.  Landscape Architects
Estimated to grow at a rate of 5% up until 2024 by the Business of Labor Statistics, landscape architects design green spaces for both private homes and public spaces. This can include parks, highways, or other buildings. There is a lot of competition in this area, but you can work for an architecture firm or for yourself. Usually, this requires a bachelor’s degree.
Average annual pay: $63,500

2. Wind turbine service technicians
Expected to grow a whopping 96% up until 2026, this career is contributed largely to the trend of environmental awareness and health around the world. They install, maintain and repair wind turbines. Technicians generally work outdoors, in confined spaces, and a great heights, so if you’re looking for an adventure, this job is for you. There is a lot of on-the-job training, so you should never be bored.
Average annual pay: $52,260

3. Surveyor jobs
With the rise of technology, there have been major improvements in surveying technology and therefore productivity, increasing the demand for surveyors. They make precise measurements to determine property boundaries, and provide relevant data for the shape and contour of the Earth’s surface for engineering, mapmaking and construction projects. When working outside, you can stand for long periods of time or walk long distances, but you can work in a variety of different environments!
Average annual pay: $59,390

4. Archaeologist jobs
If you like dirt, this job might be for you. When you think of an archaeologist, you probably picture just digging for dinosaur bones all day. But archaeologists are also employed whenever federal money is used for  project, like building a new road, shopping mall, or pipeline. They have to survey the land before any construction can start. They typically have a 4 year degree, and growth in the career is slower than normal, but how cool would it be to find a new dinosaur bone?
Average annual pay: $63,200

5. Environmental scientists
Environmental scientist jobs may grow about 11%, at a faster than average rate until 2024. Like wind turbine technicians, this can be the right job for you if you’re passionate about protecting and helping our planet live longer. They identify problems and find solutions centered around the health of the environment and its people, such as cleaning up polluted areas, advise policymakers, or reduce waste. If you truly like to be outdoors, this job requires you to work in all types of weather.
Average annual pay: $68,910

Source: bls.gov

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