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When the only thing getting you through the week is the promise of a long weekend, there’s not a lot that can stand in your way. And thinking about what to pack before you head out of the city is the last thing you want to do.

Burgers, swimwear and towels might be something you still have to put some thought into, but we want to help you keep your focus on those things- the ones you WANT to take up your brain space.

Here’s our suggestions for the best outfits you can pack this summer, without having an overweight weekender bag.

Weekend Outfit

Ladies- If you’re looking for a top you can wear with literally anything, go for anything striped. Black or blue stripes can go with everything from skinny jeans to denim shorts to wide-leg flowy pants (which is what we would recommend). This maroon option is great to dress up for a night out at the bar, or wear over your swimsuit in the sand. Add in the Arabella sandal on your feet and you’ll be well equipped to take over the beach town or downtown.


Weekend Outfit guy

Guys- let’s face it, no one really wants to ever wear more than their typical uniform. So why push it? You can be stylish AND still be comfortable. Grab a pair of khaki chino shorts, a plain-colored tee and a short sleeve button down and you’ll be ready for the lake or a night out with your girl. We recommend the Lapaz shoe for the sneaker guys out there, and the Quark shoe for everyone in between; styles that are truly as versatile as your weekend will be.

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