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While 2022 is technically the Year of the Tiger, there’s ample evidence to support it will also be the Year of Travel.

After two long years where most of us have been locked down and wary of traveling anywhere that exists outside of our day-to-day route between home and the nearest coffee shop, many people are betting on 2022 being the return of travel with vaccines widely available and the knowledge of how to (as safely as possible) live with the global pandemic.

If you’re embarking on a trip this year, chances are you might want to brush up on your packing skills. How many times have you shoved everything into your suitcase only to remember at the last minute you still need to fit in all your shoes?

We’d consider ourselves experts when it comes to footwear, so keep reading to hear our top picks for boots and shoes to take with you on your next vacation.

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1. Crossover: Put this at the top of your list to pack no matter the destination. With a removable outsole, it’s easy to turn this slip-on into an outdoor ready shoe. With all-day comfort, it’s an easy choice for airport footwear and comfortable enough to kick your feet up in the hotel room when you get there.

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2. CODE Hex: Start your journey off on the right foot with the CODE Hex. Wear these honestly wherever your travels take you. Comfortable enough to wear all day, you won’t ever need to take a break in these sneakers. Versatile enough to wear with any outfit, they’re a win-win.

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3. Intruder Galosh: When traveling, you need to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. Maybe that means sunshine in the morning and a rain storm when you’re out and about! Make room for the Intruder Galosh to keep you stylish and dry with it’s waterproof features and overbuilt sole- the perfect combination for the unexpected.

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4. Threshold Waterproof Boot: If a classic boot is more your style, the Threshold boot is a good choice for anyone who will be hiking, climbing or camping in their travels and needs a bit more protection than a sneaker.

Not quite seeing the best boots for you? Check out all our casual and protective shoe and boot styles at

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