Spring Break Survival Guide

Ah yes, it’s that time of year: Spring Break. Nestled between snowstorms and deadlines is a week full of sleeping in, sunbathing, traveling, and overall relaxation. But before you hit the road or the airport for your big, bold adventure, make sure you’ve packed this handy-dandy Spring Break Survival Kit to get you through.


The Carry-All:

topo designs x woolrich

A Topo favorite, the Cinch Tote, gets a Woolrich makeover in this beautiful print. Perfect for everyday use or trips around the world. The inside is fully-lined with nylon pack cloth and the cinch at the top allows you to secure items insides or just leave it down for easier access. On the outside are four deep pockets to keep keys, books, sunscreen, water bottles, and more organized and handy.

For Scale:


Ever been caught at the airport with an overweight bag? Well, those days are pretty much over with this nifty, portable scale. At only .8 ounces, this little guy is a lightweight life saver that has a weight capacity of 100 pounds without having to set anything up. You can weight anything with ease at any time, in any place.

Feel Good Water Bottle:  


It’s the water bottle that took instagram by storm and had everyone using the heart eye emoji. Although there’s a long line of imitators, there’s nothing like the original triple walled technology of S’well. A sleek, stylish shape made with high-grade stainless steel that’s BPA-free, non-toxic, and non-leaching. Not to mention that they work with UNICEF USA to help provide clean and safe drinking water, cue the heart eyes.

Keeping It Clean:


Flight 001

Life can be messy and when we’re traveling we’ve found that few things are worse than taking out a favorite t-shirt or blouse and seeing it’s been marked by our shoes. Luckily, these Flight 001 exclusive Go Clean bags mean less mess and worry. Their heavyweight nylon material conceals odors and contains all kinds of shoe-related messes, making packing (and unpacking) oh so simple and sanitary. Now, what can they do about long TSA lines?

Pinch Me:


Even though it reads Airplane Mode, this holographic pouch from Pinch Provisions is actually perfect for all sorts of travel. It’s loaded with essentials such as a packing checklist for any last minutes inclusions, a mini comb and hair bands to keep bed head at bay, some earplugs and an eye mask for quick naps, wrinkle remover and breath drops so you look and feel fresh post-travel, and so much more.

Trip Planning Inspo:


Published by Running Press, this road tripping guide to the US is basically all-inclusive. Put together by the know-it-alls at Off Track Planet, this book has all the information you could possibly need about traveling through ‘Merica, a country filled with rich culture. This reference book covers everything from museums and sightseeing to festivals and nightlife, all while providing information on local fashion, climate, safety, budgeting, local public transport, and more.

To Capture Moments:


New, improved, and smaller, the Instax Mini 8 is perfect for travel. Made 10% smaller than its predecessor, it’s now even easier to carry around. It also has new features like a High-Key setting allows for brighter pictures with a soft look, automatic exposure measurements, and recommended aperture setting with flash.

Tag It:

Leather Luggage

Sometimes, it can be a little confusing to know whose luggage is whose at baggage claim. Keep tracking of yours with these genuine leather luggage tags. The classic and sturdy design features stainless steel metal buckles and a privacy flap to keep your information private.

Everyday Travel:


Everyone seems to think that the “everyday” is boring and monotone but we disagree. Everyday is reliable, relentless, versatile, and full of possibilities. And nothing makes for a better traveling shoe than an everyday pair, which is just what the Broadwick is. It looks good and feels good every day, whether you’re going to brunch around the corner or across the country, it’s ready for whatever your day brings.

Peep The Toes:


Peep your toes, flash your ankles, show off a little skin, it’s spring break! Whether you’re road tripping, train traveling, or dealing with the TSA, these full grain leather booties will let you put your best foot forward. The Kersten is perfect for a night around town or days in the sun at music festivals, the comfy 2 ½” heel gives you some height while the rubber outsole keeps you grounded.

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