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Spring Break is right around the corner and to be honest we could really use a pause button on this snow situation. And because we’re not just dreamers, we’re doers; we turned our warm weather daydreams into a list of top destination looks for a week of sunbathing and tropical explorations.



Ditch the craziness of Cancun and head to the neighboring city of Tulum, which NY Mag recently called the Williamsburg of Mexico. The trendy town offers everything from pristine beaches to art galleries, hip restaurants to Mayan ruins, and more. And if you’re not sure what to wear, we’ve got you covered.



Flowy and breezy vibes are ideal for days exploring the small seaside town in our comfortable WESTWOOD wedge that packs a tropical punch.



You can never go wrong with florals and light fabrics to throw over your bikini before breakfast and the MARTINE’s perforated toe will keep you cool and collected.  



Caribbean weather can be unpredictable. At night, throw a light knit cardigan over a breezy outfit for dinner, paired with the ENSNARE sandal for a cute but edgy night time look. 



This buzzing (and growing) city has so much to offer that a week simply wouldn’t be enough! Between Wynwood, local breweries, beaches, Deco Drive, and more, Miami has a lot to offer for every type of traveler.



If you’re spending some time in Wynwood, pack something cropped and throw on a layer for cooler indoor places. Shorts (or skirts) pair well with the WILLA boot, which happen to be a very comfortable walking shoe. 



Silky and metallic are the way to go for Miami nightlife and the KILEY is the perfect compliment. Because there are a number of trendy restaurants and bars all over the city, the toughest decision you’ll make is picking where to go. 



For time exploring Miami Beach, a flowy skirt and tank in light colors would help keep you cool along with an open sandal like the TESHIE. Throw a layer into your bag for chillier night-time weather. 


Los Cabos

A fan favorite for Spring Break, Cabo San Lucas is known for its beaches, wild life, surfing, scuba diving, and small towns. With a sprinkle of neighboring sites and places to see depending on your interest, Cabo is still a sunbathers paradise.



Exploring around post-beach? Keep it light and fresh in neutrals and sandals. The KOBBI is just the sandal for adventures and happens to go with just about everything. 



For a seafood feast by the ocean, a dress with side slits is perfect. Steal from the boys with the REEGAN and add some feminine fun with a red lip. 



If you’re out venturing around local towns, pack some comfortable walking shoes like the CHEYENNE. Cropped shirts are also a good idea, show off that tan! 

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