The leaves have turned. The days are getting shorter. Winter is coming. Depending on where you live that can mean cold! It can mean wet! It can mean ice and snow! We can barely contain our excitement! You see at Cat Footwear winter might be our favorite time of year because all that fun weather most definitely means that it’s BOOT SEASON!!!

Don’t worry if you’re not feeling quite the same glee that we are. We’ve got a few Winter Prep Tips that’ll relieve your cold weather dread and have you ready for whatever the season throws at you.

Check Ya Boots: We know how it goes when spring rolls around and you can’t wait to get any reminder of the cold weather as far out of sight as possible. Well now it’s time to wade into the back of your closet and pull those boots out to see how they made it through the off-season. Give them a quick wash with damp rag. Check the seams for wear and tear. See how the laces are looking. How about the treads on the soles? They going to keep you off the ice?

Oil ’em Up: If your boots are looking good and they’re leather, it’s not a bad idea to treat ’em right before you put them to work. Leather dressings are available at most shoe stores and the best one’s mix mink oil with a wax or carrier. Find one that matches up well with your boots and those puppies a nice rub down paying special attention to the seams and stitches.

Spray On: Even if your boots are waterproof it never hurts to go the extra mile. Waterproof sprays are available  for whatever material your boots are made of and your socks will thank you when you step in that inevitable February puddle.

Did Someone Say Socks?: It’s back of the closet time again. This time to pull out your cold weather socks. If you’re anything like us you’ve probably got some loners lying around that can be turned into rags. It might also be time to fully Go Bold and get your feet some Cat Cold Weather Work Socks.

Retail Therapy: If you’re still not feeling that winter wonder just remember, it’s always a good year for new boots. We feel pretty confident that a stroll through the boots on will be just the thing to get you craving those cold weather elements.  Start with Thermostatic Ice, the most winter proof boot we’ve ever made, and go from there.

Thermostatic Ice features Vibram Arctic Grip Pro technology that makes ice obsolete.

Thermostatic Ice features Vibram Arctic Grip Pro technology that makes ice obsolete.



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