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Football’s biggest game of the season is right around the corner and we’re really looking forward to some cold brews and bold foods.


So we asked our friend @tallchefgr to pair some of our favorite football-watching foods with craft beers for optimal flavors and now we’re even more pumped for game day than before.


Pick some or pick all (we’ll be doing the latter):


IPA’s are the perfect choice to cut through the heat of the pepper, and the creaminess of the filling. Bell’s Two-Hearted has always been our favorite.

You need a beer that’s dark and roasty to stand up to the depth of flavor in chili. Founders Porter is timeless, and while you’re at it pour some in the chili too, it’ll only make things better.

For a classic snack, a classic brew. Try Dogfish Head’s Indian Brown Ale. It’s got the caramel flavors to go with the blanket, and prominent hops to go with the pig.

Here’s a snack that has a lot going on. You need a bold beer that won’t get lost in all the layers of flavor coming at you. Try a Saison like Boulevard Brewing’s Tank 7. This is light and bubbly enough to be refreshing, but has tons of depth. A little funky, a little spicy, just like those nachos that have been sitting out all day.

We all know those little wings can really pack a punch. For a beer that’ll fight back, grab a Hefeweizen. If you’re anywhere near Super Bowl LI in Texas, you may be able to find cans from Live Oak Brewing in Austin, TX. Elsewhere, look for the German bottles, like Weihenstephaner or Franziskaner.


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