What we do, we know how to do well: bold footwear that empowers and changes the game. So it’s only natural that our favorite local breweries are like us but you know, with beer.

With National Beer Day coming up, one of favorite new boots for the season, the GLENROCK MID, inspired us to pair its various colorways with some of our favorite local brews, because we like our boots bold and our beers cold.  

Here are a few of our favorites and why we love them:

Founder’s All Day IPA + Glenrock in Golden Coast


This beer is called All Day for good reason. Light, refreshing, and full of that hoppy flavor that’s found in a traditional IPA, it’ll keep your taste buds satisfied when the opportunity for (all) day drinking arises.

Short’s Bellaire Brown + Glenrock in Peanut

bellaire brownCATM-P710532-pair-031617

A gate-way beer for those who want to get into dark brews, the Bellaire Brown is a full-flavored, medium bodied beer, with hints of toasted malt, sweet caramel, and chocolate. With a low ABV, it’s a great nightcap or for sunny days in the yard.

Founders Rubaeus + Glenrock in Deep Crimson

Rubaeus - small CATM-P714610-pair-031617

It could be Summer all day, every day with the Rubaeus. This sweet, tart, and refreshing beer is made with fresh raspberries added in at five different stages of brewing for maximum taste, while some malt brings the balance to the sweetness.

New Holland Poet + Glenrock in Black

new-holland-the-poet CATM-P714606-pair-031617

The oats in the New Holland Poet bring a creaminess to the rich, roasty malt character of a traditional stout. The malt work in this is so great that even though there’s no chocolate or coffee, both flavors make an appearance. A brunch or post-dinner must-have!

  1. Posted By Rachel

    I love the Glenrock in Crimson paired with Rubaeus. My favorite Founder’s Beer.

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