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This holiday season, Cat Footwear is encouraging you to Do More Holiday. But rather than trying to fit in one more holiday party, one more baking session or anything that might make your season a little more hectic, we are encouraging you to slow down and find the time to do more of the things that mean the most during this time whether that be connecting with people you love or celebrating with good food.

Cat Footwear partnered with born and raised Detroit-based photographer Justin Milhouse to bring our Do More Holiday campaign to life through his home, holiday traditions and style with our footwear.

Learn a little bit more about Justin and how he embraces the Cat Footwear spirit of doing more in all aspects of his life.

Tell us about yourself! Who are you? 

I got into photography while in college. I picked up the camera as a creative outlet and to create content for my blog Fresh-Cool-Dope at the time. What started as a hobby grew into a passion and love for creating with a camera.

What’s your favorite part about being a photographer?

Being able to constantly create with the world as my visual canvas.

What is your proudest accomplishment so far?

A few years ago having a photography and art show along with my granddad’s work who also is a photographer.

What’s been your biggest challenge in a project and what did you learn from it?  

Having one day and a short amount of time to capture a certain amount of photos for a project. I was prepared because I did the research and made sure I outlined all the shots. The shoot went great and the client was pleased with the work. But I learned preparation for certain projects is key especially with tight deadlines and quick turnarounds.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the creative industry or an aspiring photographer?

Find what you like shooting or creating and go for it. Make personal projects for yourself, and always be willing to learn new things. Whether it’s new techniques, equipment, or a different way of viewing something. Create without boundaries.

Where do you get inspiration from and how do you keep pushing the boundaries in your work?

My inspiration comes from the people and projects I work on. The desire to explore and capture the world keeps the passion going.

What’s next for you? Any future goals?

To continue to capture and create, and to eventually have a gallery to showcase my work and other artist, along with a youth gallery for kids to display their work also.

Cat Footwear’s brand message is to “Do More Holiday”. How do you feel this shows up in your life and who you are? What does this mean to you?

For me it means to strive for greatness, be humble, keep good energy around you, and cherish the present.  Always enjoy yourself while creating, and continue evolve your perspective and how you capture around you.

Learn more about Justin and follow along as he helps to bring the Cat Footwear Do More Holiday season to life on our Instagram @catfootwear.

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