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Kristi Scarrozzo (AKA “Lady K”) is a bi-coastal fashion blogger, stylist and consultant who splits her time between LA & NYC.  Being a lady of all trades, Kristi started blogging in late 2013 to share her inspirations, obsessions and killer fashion finds with anyone and everyone, including a curated “Lady K” shop with NYLON!   Recently, we’ve been spotting her all over town in our new “High Hopes” boot–so we caught up with her to learn more:

CF: How would you define your go-to style?
Lady K: Unexpected.  I have the tendency to mix a city vibe with a touch of glamour for the ultimate “lady on the street” look.  I’m constantly inspired by menswear, specifically sports-inspired streetwear, and can often be found in my favorite oversized sports jersey and some platforms to match. Fashion is all about taking risks, being comfortable, having fun and dressing for the true you!

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CF: We have a big Spring/Summer line this season, what made you single out the “High Hopes” boot in particular?
Lady K:  When I saw the “High Hopes” boot I knew it had to be a part of my shoe wardrobe. When a classic high top boot has an added flair of a platform, it would be a shame not to own it. Plus, my current boot collection involves a lot of black boots and the “High Hopes” boot introduces the necessary pop of white to stir up a conversation.

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CF: What are you loving about styling this boot so far? 
Lady K:  Su
rprisingly, it goes with everything. Paired with a favorite leather skirt or with a dainty dress, this boot adds masculine qualities with a touch of femininity. Also, I believe comfort is key, especially with footwear, and the High Hopes have the support and comfort I need whether exploring around town, or styling on a full day photo-shoot.

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CF: Where else can we expect to see you & your #catboots this summer?
Lady K:  
Exploring! I’m constantly looking for a new adventure so what better way to see the world than with my Cat boots on my feet. I recently moved to LA so I am looking forward to seeing what the West Coast has to offer. Coming from almost 7 years in NYC, I had the opportunity to see a good range of the East Coast and now it’s time to take on the West. I’ll be exploring and documenting my travels near and far from LA, ranging from Palm Springs, San Francisco, NYC, Florida, and Texas. Summer concerts and festivals are a must, so you will catch me paired up with some of my best pals enjoying good tunes in some rad outfits–rocking my Cat Boots of course!

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The “High Hopes” comes in 3 color ways for Summer, and retails for $120.

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