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Cat Footwear Pirate Boots

We’ve all been there, it’s the day before Halloween and you have no costume. But no problem because you’ve got this. You don’t need to look any further than your own closet to whip up something just in time for the festivities (aka bar hopping and eating all of the good candy). So break out the scissors and extra fabric, we’re going to show you how to transform your Cat Footwear boots into pirate boots. 

What you need:

  • Old white t-shirt (the more stains on it the better, holes are also welcome)
  • Black pants
  • Eye patch
  • Red bandana
  • Dark brown & light brown fabric
  • Small elastics (2)
  • Gold buttons (optional)
  • Old brown belts
  • Scissors
  • Sandpaper
  • Hot glue gun or sewing kit
  • Brown Colorado boots or Similar

Pirate Boot Materials

How to put it together:

  1. Using your scissors and sandpaper distress your stressed out white t-shirt (some tips here)
  2. Wrap the dark brown fabric around your calf muscle to measure how much is needed for each boot. Cut the fabric where needed to ensure it wraps around each leg comfortably
  3. Glue or sew the two ends of one piece of fabric together in a “pant-leg” shape. Do the same for the other piece of fabric
  4. Cut the light brown fabric into 2-3” strips and then fold in half. Glue or sew elastic band into the inside crease of the light brown fabric. Attach to the top of the large, dark brown leg pieces
  5. Wrap the old brown belt around the top and mid-section of the leg piece to see how much of it you’ll need, make sure to use the buckle part. Cut accordingly and then glue or sew on the belt where desired
  6. Glue or sew on a gold button on the outer top of each leg piece
  7. Put on all the other pieces, making sure to tuck your bold Cat Footwear boots into the fabric for the “tall boot” effect
  8. Adjust your eye patch and bandana
  9. Make some pirate faces in the mirror
  10. Have a beer

Pirate Boot Final

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