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Summer is officially here and we’re making room in our closet for the influx of sandals with no complaints. Picking our favorites is always hard but we narrowed it down to three styles we’re super excited about for the season.

While each sandal has it’s own personality, vibe, and prefered city, the combinations are truly endless! There’s no wrong way to wear these bold, city sandals.


Style: Ensnare

Notes: Two-tone boldness packed into one sandal. This is the “goes with everything in your closet, will take you anywhere and you’ll always look good” kind of style. The new everyday question will be “where did you get those?”

Pairs well with: Pretty much everything. Our favorite way to wear the Ensnare is with mini skirts and tanks or some high-waisted ankle length jeans and a vintage band t-shirt.

Perfect place: Chicago


Style: Kobbi

Notes: This is some serious summertime armor. Light, classic, and sophisticated, this sandal is made not just for brunch time but for any time. Made with hand picked leathers that are perfectly stitched, all you need to do is tie the bow on top.

Pairs well with: Anything and everything flowy. We style these with maxi and midi skirts or cotton dresses for ease and accessorize with statement necklaces or earrings.

Perfect place: New York

Style: Sunswept

Notes: Inspired by the ancients; anything but old. This serious upgrade to the gladiator sandal will have you retiring that old summer pair. Smooth suede and buttery leather that’s built to log some city miles and always instagram ready.

Pairs well with: High waisted bottoms! We love wearing the Sunswept with skinnies that hit right at the ankle or high waisted shorts and roomy summer blouses or cotton tanks.

Perfect place: L.A.

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