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Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in the construction industry, but not sure on how to get your start?

The constriction industry is expected to grow 8.8 percent by the end of 2022, making the career field extremely viable, but there isn’t one specific route on how to get started.

To help shed some light on how to break into this growing field we reached out to our special guest writer Stephanie Dailey (A.K.A. @Stephaniebuildsit) on how to make a successful transition into the construction industry.

Stephanie has been in the home-building/construction industry since 2004, beginning her career as an Architectural Designer at Landforms Designs. In 2019 Stephanie became a licensees General Contractor and is the Second Vice President of the Utah Valley Home Builders Association.


Here are her tips:

Jump In! There is no better way to get a trust experience in construction than to jump in. Many time you will think you know what field you want to make a career but on job site experience may lead you in a new direction. There are many different skill sets that and niches that all come together building create home. Find a space where you can work or apprentice and spend time observing the different trades around you. You might be surprised at where the industry takes you.

Be teachable! Did you just graduate from Construction Management school and want to begin your career path? OR maybe you decided college wasn’t for you and you found your way onto a job site Regardless of the experience you have or don’t on job experience is entirely different. You will be surrounded by others who have been doing this for much longer that yourself self. They have experienced situations and solved problems over and over again. Be sponge and absorbs much knowledge as you can. This on the job training can be huge leg up on when competing for promotion or new career.

Join a local group! If your path is residential construction then take the leap and join your local Home Builders Association  (http;//www.nahb.org) The HBA works tirelessly to educate professionals by providing your construction license or to complete that continuing education. The national Association of home builders alongside the locals spends their time on Capital Hill fighting for laws and regulations that help support and protect our industry. Your local association is an excellent place to network, find new builders to work with if you’re in a trade, get involved in helping your community and give back.

Listen to the Old Timers As you enter this industry take the opportunity to ask successful people around you how they built their business. The construction industry can be rough at times and will change with the country’s financial stability. Knowing another Contrcatorwho made it over the through the last few downturns in the market over the last 30-40 years is rare.  If you are lucky enough to find them, be a sponge! Ask Questions that and retain that knowledge. Always reinvest in your business and grow your capital. When the economy. crashes again in the future, be the builder or trade who makes it through the downturn. Having that on your resume for the future clients is extremely impressive and shows many strong qualities of your business

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