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Ahh, the new year. With the end of a year comes the beginning of a new one, full of hope and fresh promises to better ourselves in the weeks and months ahead.

If you’re the type of person who makes New Year’s resolutions, you might also be the same person who fails to actually reach your goals after a few months of the new year go by. But as a brand who empowers you to Do More, we applaud your determination and optimism to reach for bigger and better things.

Here’s some tips we’ve gathered to help you make (and keep!) those New Year’s resolutions.


First things first, writing down your goals will help them become more concrete and permanent in your mind. Take some time to actually write down your goals in a journal, blog post, vision board or whatever way you find the most appealing. Be specific when creating your goals and make sure they are measurable so you can keep track of your progress as you go.

Make Small Goals: 

We know no one wants to make small goals, but hear us out. How often have you made lofty big resolutions on January 1st and come February 1st, you’ve all but forgotten them or given up? Dreaming big is great! But if you end up feeling discouraged with how big your goal might be or how far away you might be from it, you might want to instead try to make a few smaller, more attainable goals which will still move you in the same direction.Start out by making a resolution that you think you can achieve three months from when you set it. This way, you can work more consistently and for a shorter amount of time to achieve what you want. When you meet that goal, set a new goal to meet in another three months. You can do this either as stepping stones towards one larger objective at the end of the year, or work on different areas of your life (for example, finances, fitness, mental health) at different points in the year. This can keep you from feeling like you have an overwhelming amount to accomplish, especially if you’re working on incorporating any new habits or skills into your life.

Make a Resolution With a Friend: 

Getting someone else involved in your resolution can help to hold you accountable to actually accomplish what you set out to you. If you have a friend who you think might be interested in the same type of goal or area in life as you, ask if you can work on it together. Even if it’s not the exact same goal, having regular check-ins and emotional support to see how each of you are progressing towards your goal can keep you more motivated to keep it. It can also be more fun (and a lot more encouraging!) to work on something challenging with another person.

Follow inspiring accounts on social media: 

They say comparison is the thief of joy and we have to agree. Social media can be an inspiring, educational tool to help you learn new skills and connect you to different resources on your journey to keeping your resolutions. But it can also be your downfall if you’re only looking at the highlights of other people’s lives. Unfollow any accounts or people aren’t inspiring you or motivating you to keep working towards your best self every time you scroll through. Instead, look for more people, accounts and brands that make you feel better and leave you feeling refreshed and supported.

How are you doing more in 2022? Let us know your NYE resolutions in the comments or tag us on social media. Follow @catfootwear on Instagram as we post inspiring #DoMore stories from people around the world. Tag us and use #DoMore for a chance for us to feature you! We can’t wait to see what you do!

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