At Cat Footwear, we are celebrating the holidays a little differently this season. In an effort to get back to the spirit of giving that surrounds the holidays, we’re encouraging our customers to have a B.I.Y. or Build-it-Yourself holiday- giving something meaningful with a personal touch. It’s better to build, than to receive.

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Louise Chen, or known by her muralist name of Ouizi, resides in Detroit, MI since relocating from Los Angeles, and has taken the city’s art scene by storm. Creating large-scale street art in literally every corner of the world, she has from one perspective, built up cities around her with her artwork. Creating a mural, often while suspended on a forklift, she makes a living painting large-scale floral murals.

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“My favorite part is seeing things materialize. I also am quite fond of the moment when an idea feels just right and is ready to become a work of art,” Ouizi says.

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If you have ever wanted to try a large-scale paint job yourself, Ouizi has helped to lay out step-by-step instructions on how to enlarge a design. Maybe you’ve always wanted to add something extra to that empty wall in your home, or maybe you’re an aspiring artist with a blank wall somewhere… Whatever your inspiration, get the guide for all your creative ideas, below.


Ouizi Mural Guide for Beginners

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