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Whether you are still in high school, mastering graduate school, trade school, or fully removed from any sort of schooling, with the start of September also comes the feeling of a new beginning. The lazy days of summer seem to snap back into focus and with it, a sense of purpose and fresh start to the fall.

Heading off to college is the epitome of a fresh start around the country. Maybe you have a completely new town, new friends, and new set of classes. If you’re a parent of a student, or a student yourself, or just want a cool new project to kick off the season, we’re here to help you out.

Bozek Builds Project 1: How to Build a Dorm Room Loft

Introducing “Bozek Builds”, a video series where we will be working with professional builder, Jon Bozek to bring you new projects when you’re feeling the most antsy for a new hands-on challenge and don’t know where to turn.


Jon Bozek is a professional builder who started his career in the construction field right out of high school. He went on to start his own construction company fourteen years ago. Residential building and remodeling expanded into commercial fixtures, displays and tradeshow booths.


Our first video will feature how to build a loft. Tackling this project often seems like a big hurdle to feel comfortable living in dorm rooms, and we know that added stress is the last thing students or parents need when starting off a new school year.


We will be offering free building plans and materials list to get you from start to finish.

Let’s get started. Watch the full video tutorial below.

Find the download link for the plans here: Bozek Builds- Dorm Loft Plan & Material Guide.

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