At Cat Footwear, we are celebrating the holidays a little differently this season. In an effort to get back to the spirit of giving that surrounds the holidays, we’re encouraging our customers to have a B.I.Y. or Build-it-Yourself holiday- giving something meaningful with a personal touch. It’s better to build, than to receive.

Chris Shey, known as Chop with Chris to his following of over 100,000 YouTube fans, is a woodworker creating stunning large scale and small scale pieces with one twist: he doesn’t use power tools.

“It’s just so rewarding using your hands and mind to create something you can use.  It’s not something you can put a value on, but the satisfaction lasts a lifetime,” he says.

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Using his hands to craft anything from wooden bowls to a massive Game of Thrones themed chair, he  enjoys the challenge of creating pieces without modern day help. Chris is an Earthmover passionate about sharing what he knows with his fans, so he jumped at the opportunity when we asked him to build a Boot Rack.

This season, Chris worked to create a custom, hand-crafted boot rack as a part of our Build-It-Yourself holiday. You can enter to win this boot rack, or if you’re feeling adventurous, we’ve included free plans from Chris to B.I.Y.

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When asked how he got started he admits it isn’t always as easy as he may make it seem: “My first project was a wooden bowl.  It was the ugliest thing ever but all I could think about that night was the next bowl I was going to make.  Woodworking with just hand tools just took me and I’ve never looked back.”

We’ve gathered the details of what it takes for someone who isn’t necessarily as skilled with hand tools to create a boot rack of their own. So even if you need a little help from power tools and modern-day conveniences, we’re sure you’ll enjoy crafting something this holiday season.

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Want to Build-It-Yourself? GET THE GUIDE BELOW.

Chop With Chris Boot Rack Guide

ENTER TO WIN Chop with Chris’ handcrafted Boot Rack HERE.

SHOP Chris’ picks HERE.

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