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Single dads, nerdy dads, grandads, they’re all bold in their own way and we love them for it. They work hard and should get to play a little harder than usual on Father’s Day! So we had a few of our Earthmoving dads over here at our HQ answer some questions about dad life and their favorite things.

1) What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids?

Jason VanHoute: Taking long Sunday afternoon naps together

Joe Becker: Taking them to concerts. We have bonded over RUSH, Van Halen, Black Sabbath and Pearl Jam 

Cat Footwear - Father's Day - Concert

2) What’s the best part of being a Dad?

Rich Moe: Seeing your kids learn and grow to be people that you are so proud of

Mason Woessner:  Watching him learn new things

Cat Footwear - Father's Day - Fatherhood

3) What is your favorite pair of Cat Boots for when you’re on Dad duty?

Rich Moe: My favorite pair is the Founder

Jason VanHoute: The Awe

Mason Woessner: Statz Mesh

Joe Becker: The Abe II and I absolutely love them. Design and comfort. Perfecto

Cat Footwear - Father's Day - Favorite Boot

4) What’s the best gift you could get this Father’s Day?

Rich Moe: An early afternoon cook out in the back yard with all the kids and grand kids

Jason VanHoute: Fully Restored 1978 Volkswagen Campmobile

Mason Woessner:  An uninterrupted nap 

Joe Becker: Longboard and Kahuna Stick (Google it)

Cat Footwear - Father's Day - Cook Out

Happy Father’s Day!

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