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It doesn’t get any better than having the hook-up at a big festival.

And Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI is kind of our backyard so….we got you.

Below is our Insider’s Guide to all the things to do in and around Rothbury. Read it. Screen shot it. Be the hero of your festival weekend.

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Eats – The Brown Bear, Shelby – Dancing is hard work. Better stay fed if you’re going to keep on moving. And there is no better place to get your eat on than the Brown Bear. The Burger… I mean there’s a reason they call it the best in Michigan.

Sweets – Country Dairy, New Era –  For all your ice cream needs (don’t try to pretend like you don’t have’em). We’re talking farm to cone here, friends.  You meet the cows and eat the cream. Enough said.

Thrill ride – Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Silver Lake – Straight-up other-worldly dunescapes to go with your weekend full of other-worldly music. You won’t believe the dunes. You won’t get over the fun of ripping across them on an ATV.

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Beach- Lloyds Landing, Montague – The locals don’t want you to know about this one: just down from the pier in Montague with a tiny unmarked entrance next to Old Channel Inn lies a pristine, undisturbed beach that we’ve all promised not to tell anyone about. We’re friends though 😉

Creepy Landmark – Mouth Cemetery, Montague – So you’ll definitely be running into all sorts of mystical creatures in the Forest, how about something a little less festive? This very old, fabled-to-be haunted cemetery promises goosebumps and stories to tell in your tents at night.

Lighthouse – White River Light Station, Whitehall – If you’re coming to shores of Lake Michigan you best be getting at least one lighthouse photo. There are plenty of them around the area but this one is our fave.

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Shopping – Pentwater, MI –  Prepare yourself for quaint. Pentwater is about the cutest little lake town you can imagine.  Wander, eat, sip, and shop.


Hike – Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness – If we’re not answering our texts in the summertime…this is where we are. A little further north, but so worth the trip.

Brews – Ludington Bay Brewery, Ludington –  A pal of ours just opened this gem of a beachside brewery. They take their beer seriously and the end result really shows. Give their West Coast IPA a try and catch that breeze of Michigan’s West Coast.


Yoga (and juice) –  Rootdown, Muskegon –  After a long night or two in the Forest, we all could use a little zen in our lives. Head south to Rootdown in Muskegon to get your vinyasa on then stay for tasty juice and eats.

Sandwiches – Fatty Lumpkins, Muskegon –  Tiny place. Enormous tastes. So worth the drive.

Cheeeeeese –  The Cheese Lady, Muskegon – We know. We had you at cheese.

And as our final bit of inside info:

Don’t forget to check out our Earthmover Flint Eastwood. Friday 6/30 at 5:00 sharp on the Sherwood Court Stage.  We guarantee she’ll get your weekend started right!!!

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