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Thanksgiving is only a few days away and while many of us are lucky (and grateful!) to have food on the table during the holidays, there are thousands of kids in our backyard who don’t know where their next meal will come from. One in five kids, to be exact.

We power the bold through our everyday attitude to “get sh** done,” so we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting to work in the fight against childhood hunger.

That’s why from November 19th through 25th we will GIVE BOLDLY by donating $5* for every item sold on to Kids’ Food Basket.

This Michigan-based nonprofit has been working with local children for over 10 years, providing them with well-rounded and nutritious meals year round. Just $1 will provide one healthy “Sack Supper” to a child who may not otherwise be getting dinner at home.  Check out their website for more ways to get involved.


*Up to a maximum of $2,500.

  1. Posted By B. Robbins

    I think I have the dates of this program correct so I purchased a pair of boots today. I’m hoping a donation will be made to this cause and I really hope they can have an impact on this issue. We donate on a regular basis to our local food pantry and the second-hand shop they run to assist offsetting the operating cost and I am glad to try and help with this one in this small way. Even one “Sack Supper” will help a child in ways some people don’t even understand. Kudo’s CAT (and Wolverine) for supporting this cause. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to All.

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