Concerts big on your summer bucket list? You might run into Tom Beaupre, Bass player for Florida Georgia Line. He chats with us on the impact music has had on his life and even shares his favorite summer venue to play.

With the first day of summer falling just before World Music Day on June 20th and 21st, the kick off of a concert-filled summer seems right on cue.

As the world slowly opens back up again, live music seems to be at the top of everyone’s summer bucket list across the globe.

We talked with Tom, who can be seen jamming on stage with his Cat boots and knows first hand the magic of a hot summer day, a good crowd and live music. Get the inside scoop on how he manages to #DoMore in the pursuit of his passions, as he juggles a full time job outside of the music industry, as well as some impressive side hobbies.

Cat Footwear: How did you get into music?
Tom Beaupre: In 3rd grade, our elementary school did a music farm day.   They had one of everything; strings, brass, drums etc.   As soon as I heard the Upright bass, I was hooked.  I first learned the upright bass then the electric bass, piano, guitar, drums, and started playing in bands.

CF: What inspires you about music and what you do?
TB: Music has so much power.  Power to heal and unite, make you feel happy or sad, take you back to a moment in time or take you away from all your problems.  The power of music to make you feel something is the best part.  During an FGL show, I’m most inspired by watching the fans have an hour of fun and just enjoy the music and each other.

CF: Cat Footwear stands behind the mission to empower builders, makers and creators who are always pushing themselves to Do More every day. How do you #DoMore?
TB: On top of playing bass for FGL, I am a Licensed Financial Advisor here in Nashville.  The music industry isn’t known for 401K’s or stability.  Gigs come and go.  One day you’re a starving artist, the next you’re playing at Madison Square Gardens.   I wanted to be a name and face people in the music industry could trust and ask questions about money and investing without being intimidated.  I love helping people “do more” with their money and plan for retirement.

Tom at the CMA Fest in Nashville.

Tom preforming on Jimmy Fallon.

Another passion I have is woodworking.   In our current house, I’ve built a book shelf, coffee table, coffee bar cabinet, our kitchen table, plant stands and a few other odds and ends.  It’s a challenging hobby.  The history of woodworking and learning proper techniques are really rewarding.

CF: In honor of the first day of Summer, what is your favorite summer venue to play?
TB: There are a few venues that pop into my head, but I have to go with the amphitheater in Philadelphia.  Growing up, I have the best memories of tailgating with friends and seeing bands that inspired me to pursue music as a career.  It always feels like a full circle moment playing bass on stage at that venue and thinking about being in high school dreaming of my future in music.

CF: Favorite summer song??
TB: Michael Franti & Spearhead – I got you.  Song just puts a big smile on my face.

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