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On Friday, April 20th, Cat Footwear took the day to celebrate Flex Day, in celebration of our new collection Powered by FlexFWD Technology for men and women- a series of extremely flexible, ultra-durable boots built for all day comfort.


Flex Day is about stretching ourselves, about taking time in our busy lives to give back. This Flex Day, we collaborated on a project with C’mon, Team!, the collective of creative volunteers that our Earthmover, Caroline Lee, works with in different cities around the world, creating content for different nonprofits.

flex-dy-humble-design-echo-and-earl-15  flex-dy-humble-design-echo-and-earl-39

Cat Footwear and C’mon Team! Partnered with Humble Design for a day, supporting them as they made over a home- in just 3 hours. Humble Design is a non-profit that furnishes 3 homes a week. They are helping families transition out of shelters and foster care by providing furnishings and design services.  Our one-day transformation was of a home for a woman who was aging out of foster care.

flex-dy-humble-design-echo-and-earl-84  FLEXday LA-4

How can you Flex your time to make a difference in your community? Check out more photos from the day, and our recap video, below.

Shop our FlexFWD Collection here.

flex-dy-humble-design-echo-and-earl-66  FLEXday LA-7flex-dy-humble-design-echo-and-earl-53  FLEXday LA-10 flex-dy-humble-design-echo-and-earl-76  flex-dy-humble-design-echo-and-earl-128

photos: @echoandearl and @jeffmindell


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