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Festivals are the height of tough summer fashion.  You have to walk for miles, dance for days, party with the best of them, and do it all in your most eye-popping, go-anywhere, do-anything gear.

To help you get ready for an epic festival season, we’ve put together a list of must-haves for the perfect “Fest Aid Kit” that will keep you looking festival-worthy all weekend long.

Head Gear:  These key items will keep your skin shaded and your hair on point from day to night: 1) sunglasses by Shwood, 2) a floppy fedora, 3) a basic bandana, 4) a flat brim baseball hat, and 5) a feathered headband.

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Skin Gear:  Through extreme sun and heat, you need to protect your skin and mask the sweat, all while remaining as flawless as Beyoncé .  Here’s how: 1) use oil-absorbing blotting papers upon exiting the mosh pit, 2) revitalize greasy hair with Dry Shampoo, 3) generously apply SPF 50 sun screen for maximum exposure, 4) spritz Evian mineral water spray to rehydrate your face, and 5) wear flash tattoos (just because).

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Foot Gear:  Rugged footwear is essential for kicking up dirt, defying the crowds, and standing strong–and rugged is what we do best.  Here are our top picks this season: 1) the “Delve” boot, 2) the “Colorado Slouch” boot, 3) the “Poe” sneaker, 4) the “Tanga” sandal, 5) the “Restless Walala” flatform, 6) the “Drew” boot, and 7) the “High Hopes” flatform.

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Head on over to our Facebook page, where we’re going toe-to-toe with our favorite festival footwear.  Vote on your fav shoe for the chance to win your very own Festival Survival Kit and a pair of Cat Boots.

For more festival footwear, check out our Spring/Summer 2015 look book here.

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