There’s no denying it, summer is in full swing! With the extended hours of sunshine and shorter Fridays, the city is full of fun-time possibilities. Even when it’s unbearably hot, there are tons of ways to beat the heat.


Hit the Beach (or Lake, or River) — Make the most of your Summer Friday by heading out to the nearest body of water for a mini-staycation. Whether it’s for the day and into the night or for the entire weekend, a visit to the shore is always refreshing.


Kayaking — On that note, kayaking is probably the easiest and most scenic way to spend a weekend afternoon. Make sure to bring a ziplock bag or protective covering for your phone/camera because you’ll definitely want to take Instagram-worthy shots.


Rooftop Pool — Cocktails, water, and a view: the perfect combination to stay cool and have a good time. Our recommendation is to start the day off with a good brunch and then head to a rooftop pool with stellar craft cocktails. Summer dreams are coming true.  


Beer Garden — Few things are as satisfying as a cold beer on a hot summer day and where better to indulge than at a beer garden. With a wide variety of local, national, and international brews you’ll have plenty of options to help you cool off.

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