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Earthmover Jesse Green photographed some of our favorite dads. We wanted you to get to know them too, so you appreciate just how cool they are.


Here’s a highlight of some of our favorite answers during our conversations with these Earthmoving Dads.


Alan Balian, 45, was born in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. He is an Executive Producer for a post-production house. With a strong love for aviation as a kid, he would still like to get his private pilot license. A man of many talents, he’s also a DJ and has three kids. When asked about his children, Alan says, “I’ve shared what I’m passionate about, and I hope they become passionate about something in life.”



Gary Jonas, 37, was born in Cape Town South Africa, but grew up in Dallas Texas. Now running a bar and food truck lot in Traverse City, Michigan with his wife, he gets to be creative, work with great people, and add value to the community. His three children are the most important aspect of his life.

“Every day there is something that the kids do that makes your heart smile. That could be at breakfast, walking to school, or any other time. It happens when you least expect it and when you need it the most”, he says.



Josh Collesano, 35, grew up in Metro Detroit, Michigan. As an art director at a multi-campus church, he gets to work with talented artists like musicians, vocalists, dancers, actors, designers and filmmakers. He recently re-built a 1974 CB550 custom Café Racer all on his own, which took him about 3 years. Josh says his dad has inspired his work ethic: “I learned what it meant to work hard to provide for your family; it’s a lesson that I carry with me every single day.”

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