Some are made for exploration – for wringing every last drop of wonder from the world. Some like Earthmover Caroline Lee combine that never-ending thirst for discovery with (lucky for us!) a passion for sharing what she finds.

Caroline is a traveler, a photographer, an entrepreneur, an innovator, and a philanthropist. It all started, though, with music – music and a boy. She was a teenager playing the violin and piano in Wisconsin when she met her future husband, also a musician, while he was touring the US with his band. Jayden was from Australia and was all the excuse Caroline needed to give in to her wanderlust.

She followed him back to Australia which became their official home for the next couple years. Mostly, though, they were traveling. They created a photo heavy travel blog so they could share their journeys with friends and family, and before they knew it their audience was growing and their photography was getting raves. Soon inquiries began to trickle in: “Was there a way to buy their prints?” “Did they ever shoot destination weddings?”

This pattern of following passions and then finding a way to share what she found has since become a core principle for Caroline. She fell in love with the rugs and carpets she saw on a trip to Morocco, and created Coco Carpets so she could share them with friends back home. She developed a passion for decorating and rehabbing so she started Light Lab, a studio and event space, so others could share in the spaces she created. Maybe most impressively she found a way to share the thrill she finds when she gets to work with talented friends when she founded C’mon Team!

C’mon Team! is collective of creatives from around the world that volunteer their time and talents to selected non-profits who need help getting their message out. They come together in 30 person teams a number of times a year, and in four day marathon sessions they create digital content packages for non-profits in need. This “Giving Back to the Givers” leaves the charities with fresh (and free) materials to get their message out, and it allows the members of the collective to connect with the cause in ways the might not be able to individually.

With C’mon Team! now rolling strong into its third year, Caroline has found an even more direct way to share her discoveries with the rest of us: a new podcast called Out of Line. It will be released later this fall and features Caroline interviewing other women who have created their own niche in the world. Some will be bloggers, some entrepreneurs, all will be women who aren’t afraid to chase down their passions.   It’s another in the long line of projects that Caroline Lee has created to give us a window into her world – to let us see the magic she sees all around her.

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