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We’ve talked about Earthmover Caroline Lee before. So you know how obsessed with her we are. Just to recap a few of the titles she’s held: a traveler, photographer, entrepreneur, innovator, and philanthropist, with so many side hustles we’ve lost count!

But of course, as an avid creator she just can’t help herself! Her latest project, which we proudly sponsor, is a weekly podcast called Out of Line where she explores the offline realities with online personalities.

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We sat down with Caroline and she explained how the life she seems to lives online isn’t necessarily the real life she deals with every day.

In a quote from her #Earthmover video, she explains, “My adventure filled, amazing life only makes up about 4% of my reality. The majority of my days are filled with stuff no one wants to see or celebrate”.

With much success, there are often tears, failure and sweat the world may never realize occurred, especially in creative and entrepreneur career paths. Caroline wants to share that with the world. Hard work is a real factor, even on the road of doing something that you truly love. If you can find your passion and believe in it enough to keep pursuing it, every day might not feel like the “Instagram” version that we think other people have. But the reward will be that much sweeter when you have even the smallest triumphs.

So at Cat Footwear, we see and celebrate Caroline Lee, for not only her amazing life online, but the stuff in between. Because “the constant swarm of emails, doing a week’s worth of dishes, and trying to be healthy” are the reality of the majority of all of our lives, Instagram famous or not. If you’re not celebrating that, are you really cherishing the entire spectrum and beautiful mess that is living?

Watch her story on how she inspires us to live our “every day” lives below:

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