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Adrian Butler is part DJ, part designer, and 100% entrepreneur. He’s an Earthmover who has turned his DJ influence into an innovative career that combines fashion, music, and collaboration. Whether we’re seeing him share the stage with the likes of Lil’ Wayne, or we’re randomly spotting his Above & Below gear on skateboarders in Venice Beach, we’re always inspired by AB’s ability to blur lines and break down barriers.

Six years ago AB was a “regular dude” with a retail job and a family to support. He had some local notoriety as a rapper but wondered if maybe it wasn’t going to happen for him. He also, though, was a dude with an inbox full of DJ inquiries and the courage to take a chance and listen. “You gotta have the strength to listen to what people tell you,” Adrian says and lets out one of his signature big, infectious laughs, “They’ll tell you…you gotta know how to listen.”

Fast forward to 2017 and Adrian as DJ AB is notorious in his community. In demand as a DJ for the biggest parties and best weddings, his true passion is bringing people together. He brings hip hop fans to staid art museums for parties in the galleries. He started wildly popular pre-work “wake up and dance” events for young professionals. His now robust urban fashion line has diehard fans from nearly every conceivable background.

Whether it’s a high end runway show or an underground rager, Adrian Butler believes deeply in the power of music to bring people together. He innovates and he creates because he’s constantly trying to break down walls between people. He’s an Earthmover because he’s dedicated himself to uniting is community…and getting them to dancing.

Photo courtesy of Alyssa McElheny Photography

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