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Wednesday, October 11th is the U.N.’s “International Day of the Girl Child” and we’re celebrating by launching an awareness campaign in partnership with and in support of the bold, women-led nonprofit: The Tricycle Collective!  

This Detroit-based organization works to support moms with young children in homes facing tax foreclosure. With a mission to keep Detroit at home, the volunteer-powered group believes that stable families build stronger communities, and we think so too.

To help out this amazing group of women, we’re calling on all of our Earthmovers to head over to our Facebook page on October 11th and share our “Day of the Girl” post.  For each share on the platform, we’ll donate $5 to The Tricycle Collective* and you’ll generate awareness for a great cause.

Our Earthmovers are bold on their own, but even BOLDER TOGETHER.


*Up to $2,500 US.

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