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Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated from September 15th to October 15th, is a vibrant and meaningful time to honor the rich cultural tapestry of Hispanic and Latino communities. This annual observance provides an opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions of Hispanics to the United States, spanning fields from art and music to science, politics, and beyond. It’s a time to celebrate the diversity of Latinx cultures, emphasizing the unity that can be found in their shared histories and traditions.

With this in mind, for Hispanic Heritage Month, Cat Footwear has chosen to provide a platform to highlight and celebrate 3  successful Groundbreakers  that have their own businesses and/or work in the construction space: Stalin Lopez, Yahara Vaqquez, and Adriana López.

Stalin Lopez @Stalop who has attracted an audience by sharing his daily life working in construction. From educational content to aspirational projects, Jorge is paving the way for other Hispanic construction professionals to follow. Embracing his culture as part of his work, he inspires others to share their experiences while working in the trades.



Yahara Vasquez @building_by_her is an inspiration to women in construction, sharing her experiences and infusing her unique personality and Hispanic heritage into her projects. Running a business is tough, but Yahara takes it in stride by finding joy in her work and embracing new challenges every day.


Our final Groundbreaker is Adriana Lopez  @TexasDIYmomma and a she is a true inspiration! Despite facing obstacles and a lack of acceptance earlier in life, Adriana has persevered and is now a role model for Hispanic women and girls everywhere. Through her social media presence, she shares her Mexican culture and her experiences as a mother, wife, woodworker, and DIY enthusiast 🔨🏠Adriana’s story serves as a testament to the importance of representation and motivates others to follow their dreams. We are proud to celebrate her creativity, talent, and determination as a Cat Groundbreaker!


Check out the recap of all 3 of our Groundbreakers here.



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