Delayed trains, ridiculously priced tolls, packed platforms, and those people with a million bags — daily commutes are basically the stuff of nightmares.

Not to worry though, we’ve got your back, and feet, covered. Literally.

CatFootwear_SS17NAContentShoot_236_Broadwick copy

Choosing the perfect pair of commuting shoes will be the harder part because this season’s new arrivals feature a number of shoes with EASE tech, like the AWE and BROADWICK. They’ll make walking to and from the train, or even waiting for over 20 minutes on a platform, significantly more bearable without cramping your style.

CatFootwear_SS17NAContentShoot_238_Sunswept copy

There’s also a wide selection of city sandals, like the SUNSWEPT and ENSNARE, that are built for milage and turning heads. There’s no place these girls won’t go and they’ll make that work-to-bar happy hour travel that much more fun.


As for your back, from April 20th through 30th (or until supplies last) we’ll be giving away a free foldable Caterpillar backpack with every order over $125. Perfectly sized for minimizing your commuting clutter and easy to store when not being used, it’ll be your back’s new best friend.  

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