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To celebrate the launch of Stormers and champion people making a difference in wet working environments, Cat Footwear  supported International Coastal Cleanup Day on Saturday, September 21.

Behind every movement, there are the people who are working to push for progress and build a better future. As we looked to launch our re-engineered rubber boots, Stormers, we wanted to support the very people we were inspired to make them for- people who live and work in the wet outdoors.


On Saturday, September 21st, 2019 Cat Footwear partnered with three chapters of the Ocean Conservancy for International Coastal Cleanup day by providing a $2,500 donation to each chapter, encouraging participation, and purchasing cleanup supplies. This initiative allowed the Cat Footwear team to support the progress of the communities working to clean up our waterfronts, but also encouraged people around the world to join in on their own local chapters.

The Cat Footwear team and their families joined the Alliance for the Great Lakes to participate in International Coastal Cleanup Day. Over the course of an hour, the team collected 6.5lbs of litter from the shores of Muskegon State Park, not far from our headquarters.


“Working to save our coastlines is a tough job in a wet environment that takes grit and dedication. With the launch of our Stormers collection, our goal is to not only redefine tough footwear for wet conditions, but also support efforts like the International Coastal Cleanup Day to give energy and inspiration for those modern, tough, and purposeful jobs to ignite positive change,” said Cat Footwear Work Senior Brand Marketing Manager Garrett McGuire. “Whether its saving wildlife, cleaning up our coastline or trudging through the mud at a worksite, our Stormers collection is built with highly functional, modern design and elements that will make you look good while you do good.”

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