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We’ve got some pretty serious yogis on the Cat team, and because June 21st is International Yoga Day we wanted to take a quick second to tell you about our favorite yoga studio and the Earthmovers who run it.

AM Yoga (as in I AM) in Grand Rapids, MI is the passion project of Ashley Yost and Mali Jane. These two Earthmovers met years ago while instructing at another studio, but quickly realized that they shared a different vision for the practice and the community that could be built around it.

Mali and Ash teach Vinyasa Yoga and they’ll literally bring their practice anywhere. From museums and breweries to schools and businesses to roofs and parks, they’ve taught classes all across Grand Rapids and really all across Michigan (including once a month Cat Footwear’s offices).  Even now after having their own studio they still take their practice to the community a few times a week.


AM Yoga at GRAMi-PJLsmRd.jpgAM Yoga is our fave because their passion for what they do is so readily apparent. They clearly believe deeply in the benefits of yoga both physically and mentally, but they also believe that it can be a vehicle for connecting their community. Young, old, beginners, and experts come together in their classes because Ashley and Mali have created an environment where everyone is welcome and at home. They are Earthmovers in the truest sense and they’re making our hometown a better place to live one downward dog at a time.


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