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We know that a great pair of boots will age like fine wine, which is why we’ve given some of our classic best-selling styles a fresh Fall update to make them bolder, lighter, and longer lasting.

With new EASE tech footbeds, soft, long-lasting microfiber linings, and molded rubber outsoles, these boots are made to take on serious mileage in first-class comfort. Check them out below:

Abe II

CatFootwear_AbeCanvas_P721939_02 (s)

Haverhill II

CatFootwear_Haverhill_P721934_02 (s)

Orson II

CatFootwear_Orson_P721931_01 (s)

  1. Posted By Gene

    When will they be released?

    • Posted By Cat Footwear

      Hi Gene,

      The Abe II, Orson II, and Haverhill II will be arriving on the website within the coming week or two!

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