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Social media is an endless source of inspiration, especially when it comes to outfit inspiration. At Cat Footwear, we’ve seen our fair share of top-notch outfits from across the world with people in our boots and shoes.

If you’re feeling like your outfits are on repeat lately, we’re here to show you with some refreshed inspiration for how to style chunky sneakers, particularly our RePowered collection.

Below are three chunky sneaker outfit ideas.

Tip 1: Keep it simple in a comfy-yet-cool neutral sweatsuit set. 

@mousetrvp Reactor 5

There’s nothing better than feeling comfortable and looking good so take some cues from @mousetrvp in our Reactor sneakers and throw on a matching sweatsuit with your chunky sneakers. Pair with accessories like a baseball hat, crossbody bag and sunglasses to elevate the look.

Tip 2: Add an oversized flannel with distressed jeans. 

@iamraynegron Intruder Mid Taffy 1

@iamraynegron gives off the chillest vibes in a go-to weekend outfit in the Intruder Mid. Throw on an oversized flannel or jacket with your oversized sneakers and you’re set for a coffee date or dinner.

Tip 3: Turn activewear into every day wear.

Screen Shot 2022-02-11 at 2.29.05 PM

Put activewear to the test by making it apart of even your most stylish looks. Throw on a high sock with an overbuilt sneaker like @chelchen in the Intruder Galosh and then add some bike shorts and crop top if you’re in a warmer climate. Hikes and dog walks here we come!

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