Proven On Site

Proven On Site

Connor The Digger Driver Hadi London Wildlife Trust Newcastle Wood Recycling Thames Workboat Services Alex Tree Surgeon

Stories From Everyday Heroes

They work on construction sites and boats, in wood yards and parks, in nature reserves and factories. They build homes and conserve wildlife, create new things from the old and build communities. They entertain, educate and inspire others, all in a day’s work. These are our CAT everyday heroes.

Proven-on-Site is our new campaign to celebrate all the unsung men and women that are quietly contributing to make their communities a better place. After all, our boots look and perform their best when they’re doing what they were made to do, helping hard workers get tough jobs done. Get up to date with our Proven-On-Site campaign to hear stories from our work men and women across the country.

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Newcastle Wood Recycling

Collaboration, creation, and courage are just three of the values set forth by community project Newcastle Wood Recycling. Beth and Karl, the couple behind the project, work tirelessly around the clock to ensure everything at the yard is running smoothly.

Whether they are collecting and recycling unwanted materials, building furniture from repurposed wood, or running carpentry workshops for their community, these everyday heroes are hard at work trying to make their neighbourhood a better place.

Thames Workboat Services

In the shadow of East London’s sky line, the employees of Thames Workboat Services are getting ready for another day’s work on the river. Charlie and Jeff, two of our everyday heroes, took the time out of their day to show CAT an average working day on board one of their vessels. As part of Thames Workboat, Charlie and Jeff offer essential services to the city’s river community, undertaking mooring, piloting, transferring crew and hydrographical survey work. They also worry for the future of their work amidst development on the city’s dockyards.

Being on board and on their feet most of the day means that for Charlie and Jeff a decent pair of boots is a must. Slip resistant, comfortable and water resistant, our Pelton work boot is Charlie and Jeff’s number one choice.

Conor The Digger Driver

Conor Kelly, otherwise known as Conor-the-Digger-Driver, is an excavator enthusiast stamping a trail across the construction social media scene. Come wind, rain or shine, you will find Birmingham based Conor persevering behind the wheel of his digger whilst educating his online fan base with his day-in-the-life vlogs.

Not a yoga mat or avocado smeared piece of toast in sight, instead Conor’s morning routine consists of a cup of instant coffee and a tussle with the dog in the garden, before packing up his tools, donning a hi-vis, and heading out on site for another day’s graft. In Conor’s line of work, equipment that is durable yet comfortable is a must. That’s why Conor wears our Holton work boot, an on-site essential.

London Wildlife Trust

“The most important thing is the satisfaction that you’ve done something to pay back the environment. Otherwise, if people don’t volunteer, there won’t be an environment for future generations.”

London Wildlife Trust is a charity run organisation that works tirelessly to preserve and cultivate the city’s nature reserves. Amongst the reed bushes of East London’s Woodberry Wetlands, members of the trusts 8500 strong volunteer team work day in day out nurturing the wildlife that call this city oasis home. Passionate and enthusiastic, the volunteers happily undertake all the day to day work in managing the reserve as well as educating the public about the animals and plants that have made their homes here. Habitat restoration, grassland management and tree care are just a few of the practical conservation tasks the volunteers are expected to undertake.

At London Wildlife Trust every day is different and the volunteers need boots as versatile as they are. Hadi, one of the charity’s volunteers, wears the best-seller Fairbanks in Honey.

Alex The Tree Surgeon

“I kind of fell into tree work. I had done a fair bit of garden work, a fair bit of mountain trekking. It was when I was working on a greengrocery stall that I realised I would always want to work outdoors. Working outside in nature is the most important thing for me.”

Fearless outdoorsman Alex is a London based tree surgeon with a passion for nature and a love for the great outdoors. Highly skilled and knowledgeable, Alex is an arboriculture expert who scales trees with an enviable ease and grace. Alex is the first to admit that part of doing his job is being able to take the rough with the smooth weather wise. Our Holton work boot is helping Alex keep comfortable throughout the tough conditions.

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