Engineered For Originality
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Engineered For Originality is a diverse campaign featuring designs by seven creative tastemakers and content creators from UK, Chile, China, Poland, France, US and Sweden highlighting the scale and diversity of the Re-Powered community around the globe.

The concept pushes boundaries as the artists establish an authentic story of innovative footwear empowering people to express their own unique style.

Meet The Creators


Nas Abraham is a multimedia Visual Artist based in London with a love for visual experimentation. His experience in image making has led him to hone a myriad of disciplines across digital formats, illustration, photography and motion graphics.

Nas' interpretation of
Engineered for Originality :

“In an attempt to search for authenticity and originality, we can often get lost in the digital world. Our reality becomes distorted and our search for oneself becomes convoluted. This concept is based on being forever plugged into the digital world, and the stages of accepting oneself and discovering the innate ability within us to be pioneers.”

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Szymon Piotrowicz, based in Warsaw, Poland studied Multimedia and Art Technology at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and later discovered his interest in the power of 3D in graphic design.

Szyman’s interpretation of
Engineered for Originality :

“The main concept is imagining the future based on what we see around us and using Cat shoes as an object that allows us to immerse ourselves into this vision. The object works as a portal between time and space existing in different realities, both analogue and digital, and in the past, present and future, they do not belong to physical. Solid states become liquid when touching the shoes, the present becomes future when one wears them. They open minds by allowing a visualisation of the future.”

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Nico is a Creative Art Director from Santiago, Chile. He has a huge passion for hip hop music, sneakers and fashion. Those aspects had always been a part of his life and he’s incorporated this into his work designing album covers and fashion campaigns.

nico’s interpretation of
Engineered for Originality :

“Every pair of shoes have different textures and colours that gives each silhouette their own representation, personality and unique style. That’s what originality is about. Everyone has their own, unique world. Originality is being able to enter and explore your own world with no fear of being different in another world. Every world is different and we need to express it, discovering the innate ability within ourselves to be pioneers.”

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Barbara has evolved amongst the Parisian fashion scene, around digital content, writing, styling and creating. She worked for 4 years for avant-garde WAD Magazine as Web Editor-in-Chief and is inspired by everything surrounding her, namely architecture, drawing, photography and textiles.

BARBARA’s interpretation of
Engineered for Originality :

“I wanted to give the whole project an organic feeling, like an ode to the Earth. More than ever, every generation should be concerned about our environment, and how to preserve it whilst developing new technologies. I have an eye for refined lines, perfect colours and inner structure. The creative is a reflection of this interest, whilst resonating with important matters in society, adding a modern and visual aesthetics”

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John is a creative from the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden with a background in PR & entertainment as a Consultant and Director in visual mediums. His work is in at the crux of where both pop culture and social issues meet. John also runs a music label alongside the critically acclaimed Swedish artist Adam Tensta called Järn, embracing the role of Creative Director.

JOHN’s interpretation of
Engineered for Originality :

“The search for originality is ever present in the days of homogeneity and fast fashion given to us by platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. “Beating the algorithm” is just as important to young people as it is to content creators and brands. John’s concept shows Cat shoes in the context of youthfulness, freedom and original thought”

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Kay Dargen : USA

Kay Dargen is a self-taught Photographer and Editor born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota. Growing up in one of the coldest and most-isolated regions of America, Kay found purpose through photography, then wonder through editing. Never interested in narrowing down her scope of work, Kay and her camera are on the move often doing portraits, music and fine art photography.

Kay’s interpretation of
Engineered for Originality :

“I was encouraged to do my favourite thing: use abstract colours and forms to move a bit beyond the wall of reality and document the vibrant oddities on the other side. Now more than ever creative should make one slow down and ask, “How?” or “Why?” which holds a special value for me and I hope for others”

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