Extremely Light - 10-15% lighter. Seriously shock absorbing - EASE sole gives you 30% more bounce back, making it very comfortable to wear for long periods. Incredibly Durable - The sole lasts longer and compresses 30% less over time. *Against standard EVA. EASE is extremely light making the product comfortable to wear for long periods. EASE is seriously shock absorbing. The sole unit has 30% more bounce back. EASE is incredibly durable.


3 X more grip on wet ice. The most advanced weather gripping system ever created by Vibram® Slipping? Not your style. So why wear boots that do? Vibram® Arctic Grip technology is a one-of-a-kind sole that delivers unsurpassed all weather traction and makes ice obsolete so that you're sure-footed and moving forward when the temperature drops. You, slipping? Not a chance. Visible Technology - Lug changes blue indicating the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius. Unlike traction devices such as spikes or studs, the Artic Grip technology will not damage indoor/ non-icy surfaces.


Cat® Footwear is built to help you navigate the city no matter what the conditions. Extremely Breathable all around and durable waterproof. Keeps your feet dry and comfortably cool all around. Ideal for moderate and warmer conditions.


Our waterproof product is fitted with a bootie and or is seam sealed, which keeps water out, leaving the wearers feet warm and dry.



FlexTech outsole for superior flexibility. Ladder Grip Technology helps wearer grasp uneven surfaces. Extreme Slip Resistance through use of high-traction materials. Anti-bacterial insole


Leaving all other work boots in the dark, VisiFlash is a high-visibility material to help keep you safer on the job in demanding low-light conditions.


Every consumer demands the same thing of their work boots—comfort! ERGO, a comfort system designed and engineered to integrate stability, fl exibility and comfort, delivers the comfort you demand along with the rugged durability you have come to expect from the Cat brand.


Athletic-inspired design, construction and engineering. ERGOlite is made for the worker who is required to wear safety footwear, but wants anything but.A new generation of workers has entered the work force. They are young and have grown up wearing sneakers. ERGOlite is for that guy or girl stepping into a work environment that requires footwear with safety features. Built to perform like a work boot, but feel like anything but.


1. CONTOURED LAST: Mimics the shape and contours of foot, providing a sturdy foundation with ample arch support and superior heel cushioning to cradle the foot.

2. HEEL IMPACT ZONE: Cushions the foot upon heel impact and returns energy to the wearer to reduce effort and fuel momentum.

3. S-CURVE OUTSOLES: Shaped lug design allows for maximum ground contact for slip resistance while seemlessly moving you through your gait cycle for ease of movement.

4. OUTSOLE FLEX GROOVES: Placed in front of and behind the metatarsal heads, the ex grooves act as a hinge allowing the boot to bend and ex with ease.

5. DUAL FORGED CONSTRUCTION: Dual process construction that combines cement and stitch construction in one process; the result is an ultra-tough construction that provides extreme durability while still allowing for exibility.

6. Utilizing the SRX rubber compound, the outsole surpasses EN standards for slip resistance, the most stringent SR testing. Additionally, each leading lug has a squeegee to ef ciently push water away from the outsole, enhancing slip resistance. A ladder grip in the midfoot easily grips ladder rungs for safety and security.


iTechnology combines the best of both worlds—the durability of a workboot with the comfort and cushioning of an athletic shoe. Combining a Goodyear welted forepart with an athletic heel cup, iTechnology integrates the long-lasting durability you expect from Cat Footwear with the shock-absportion and cushioning of an athletic shoe. The result is comfortable, durable footwear that keeps you working.