My 1991 - DJ Siobhan Bell @siobhanbell_

The 90s is such a big part of my DJing and personal style.   My parents had me when they were very young and loved music.  I can remember my mum listening to SWV, Missy Elliot and Mary J Blige, whilst my Dad was into Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang and KRS-one - So I had the best of both RnB and Hip Hop!

1991 was a big year in music for me, I can still remember all the worlds to Mark Mark and the Funky Bunch’s ‘Good Vibration’ even though I was only 3 when it was released.  I still use it in DJ sets, even now!

In terms of style though, it was my dad who influenced me, because of his love of boots, particularly Caterpillar, I’ve always worn them and the older I get the more I can appreciate them.


Clash Magazine - Born in 1991

Clash Magazine features the Colorado boot celebrating 1991 when the Colorado was born.

“Azealia Banks, One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and the CAT Colorado boot were all born in 1991; Banks named an EP after her birth year, Tomlinson's birthday means he's the daddy of the directions, and in the year they turn 22, the Colorado partnered with Alex Mattsson to put boots on the models feet at his February presentation, (in an all-black colourway, as seen above)” Read more from Clash Online here and keep up to date via their twitter



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